Keurig K525c vs. K575: Which One Wins?

Keurig has made reliable and exceptional coffee makers for three decades now. They have also created a knack for confusing their customers. In the most recent confusion, using different model numbers for their machines that customers can’t tell apart. The K525c and K575 are two such models.

Keurig K10 vs. K15: Miniature Combat

What’s the matter? You don’t want a ten pound coffee machine with lights, Bluetooth and settings that can help E.T. get home? Are you sure? Then you are probably one of those coffee drinkers that wants to brew a single cup of coffee quickly and enjoy it before you head off to the office.

Vitamix 750 vs. 780 – Which One Do You Want?

Maybe humans have taken Jedi mind tricks too far: touch screens and hand gestures; controlling devices with our voices; seeing through doorbells. Our appliances are now a part of it. With the glass touch screen on the Vitamix 780, will it make a difference? Is the Vitamix 750 still the best?

Vitamix 5300 vs. 6500: Old School Meets Next Gen

With Vitamix blenders finding their way into homes since the 1930’s, it is no wonder so many professional and amateur chefs rely on them. With the next generation G-Series came some improvements that found their way back to the classic C-series blenders. The Vitamix 5300 and Vitamix 6500 benefit from some of these upgrades.

Vitamix 6500 vs. 7500 – Which One Is Best?

Over the past few years Vitamix has been making improvements on their best selling 5200 model blender. These improvements have trickled their way in to other series blender models. Today we will look at the C-Series 6500 compared to the G-Series Vitamix 7500 to see which one is better.