Keurig K10 vs. K15: Miniature Combat

What’s the matter? You don’t want a ten pound coffee machine with lights, Bluetooth and settings that can help E.T. get home? Are you sure? Then you are probably one of those coffee drinkers that wants to brew a single cup of coffee quickly and enjoy it before you head off to the office.

Perfect! Today I will explain the similarities and differences of the Keurig K10 and the Keurig K15: two of the Keurig Mini line up. We will discus their features, and I will tell you which one you need to buy. Seriously. It isn’t a guess this time. Read the article to find out why you want the Keurig K15.

The Differences

This is the place where those of you that follow my articles have learned to look to spot the differences in the two models I am comparing. Except, for the first time ever, I don’t have anything for you. There are two major differences that I will explain later. However, since I like bullet lists, here is one of them:

  • The K15 is the newer, replacement model for the K10.

The Similarities

Lets see what the two machines have in common.

  • Both the K10 and the K15 have a non-removable 10 ounce water reservoir.
  • The machines both weigh 1 pound!
  • The 10 and 15 are a part of the Keurig Mini Line.
  • There are no settings of any kind on the machines.
  • The Keurig K10 and K15 are compatible with the K-cup size pods.
  • You can brew three difference cup sizes.

The Tiny Comparison Chart

Want to see the two little machines side by side? Me too!

Keurig K10 Keurig K15
Model Line Mini Mini
Reservoir Size 10 ounces 10 ounces
Weight 1 pound 1 pound
Brew Time Less than 2 minutes Less than 2 minutes
Brew Sizes 6, 8 and 10 ounces 6, 8 and 10 ounces
Display No No
Removable Drip Tray Yes Yes
Clock No No
Settings None None
Price Check on Amazon Check on Amazon

Features and Options

Let’s take a look at the features and options of these tiny machines.

1. Brewing

It doesn’t get any simpler than the Keurig Mini line. You add water to the reservoir (up to 10 ounces) place a pod in the pod cup, place a coffee mug under the dispenser nozzle and press the only button (aside from the power button) to brew your cup of coffee.

Within two minutes you will have a fresh, hot cup of coffee. What you will notice right away, is that you have no control over how strong or weak the coffee is. Although that isn’t entirely true. You can add more water (up to 10 ounces) for a larger brew size to obtain a weaker brew. Or less water (down to 4 ounces) for a smaller brew size and a stronger cup.

Keurig K15 Reservoir

If you are anything like me though, a four ounce cup of coffee just really isn’t going to get me through the day, or even to the car. However, if you want a good cup of coffee without a fuss, these mini machines are perfect.

Bottom Line: This is a tie. The machines are identical.

2. The Recall

Remember earlier when I told you there were two differences and I only listed one for you? That’s be cause the other needed more than a bullet point to explain. The K10 was discontinued after a recall.

A couple hundred complaints came in that stated the Keurig K10 can cause the water in the reservoir to overheat, spray out and cause burns to consumers. You can read about the recall here.

Keurig’s answer was to discontinue the manufacture of the K10 and fix the problem, reintroducing the K10 as the K15. Other than the recall fix, there is absolutely no difference in the two models.

You should note, that if you are a fan of the Mini line, and you have a B31 model, that one is also affected by the recall. The B31 was renamed the K10 later in life.

Bottom Line: This round goes to the K15. It wasn’t recalled. Easy win.

What I Like About the Keurig K10

  • Compact size.
  • Simple, no fuss operation.

What I Like About the Keurig K15

  • Small, lightweight, simple design.
  • Easy to use.
  • Was not recalled.

In Conclusion

It is easy to see why I am choosing the K15 over the K10. It is all about the recall. But is that really it? Basically, yes. However, there is one thing I would like to point out.

Keurig produced and shipped over seven million K10 units. Of all of those only about 200 had a report filed, causing the recall. Now, this doesn’t mean that every machine is not capable of over spray and causing burns. However it doesn’t mean they will either.

If you are looking for an inexpensive, simple to use single serve coffee maker, you can find the K10s for a good price. If you are willing to take the chance, it may be worth the cost savings to you.

However, if you would rather err on the side of caution, have the exact same machine and not have to worry if the coffee maker is too close to a computer or wall outlet, then go with the K15. The extra bump in price over the K15 might be worth your peace of mind.

For me, it’s a no-brianer. The K15 wins, hands down.

Keurig K425 vs. K525: All The Differences Explained

When it comes to single serve in-home coffee makers, Keurig is the most noted and purchased name in the business. For over 30 years they have been making coffee makers with one goal: Get you a cup of great tasting coffee and do it fast.

So when you look at Keurig you will find over 40 different options. Which one is right for you? Today we will compare the K425s and the K525c side by side to see which one is better. Read the article below to find out the blow by blow comparison, or if you want to know the result: The K525c is the better choice.

The Differences

Like a lot of the similar line up models, there aren’t a lot of differences. The ones they do have, though, are large:

  • The 425s has a 2.4 inch touch display; the 525c has a 2.8 inch touch display.
  • The reservoir on the Keurig 525 is 80 ounces while the Keurig 425 is 70 ounces.
  • The K525 has a night light built in and the K425 does not.
  • You can customize the display screen wallpaper on the 525 but not on the 425.

The Similarities

What they share in common is abundant. Let’s have a look:

  • Each model has a strength control option.
  • Both the 425 and the 525 also have a temperature control and programmable clock.
  • The 425s as well as the 525c come with a water filter and reusable My K-Cup.
  • The Keurig machines can brew in 8 different ounce measurements.
  • They both have a setting for high altitude.
  • Each model features an auto-on and auto-off ability.

Side By Side Comparison Chart

Now we will compare the two models side by side so you can see all the features.

Keurig 425s Keurig 525c
Display 2.4 inch touch 2.8 inch touch
Water Reservoir 70 ounces 80 ounces
Strength and Temperature Yes Yes
Programmable Clock Yes Yes
Water Filter Yes Yes
K-Cup Sizes 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 ounces 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 ounces
Carafe Sizes 22, 26, 30 ounces 22, 26, 30 ounces
My K-Cup Yes Yes
Auto-on/off Yes/2 hours Yes/2 hours
Customizable Wallpaper No Yes
Night Light No Yes
Prices Check on Amazon Check on Amazon

Features and Options

Now I want to dive a little deeper into the features and options of the two models. You will have a better understanding of what they are capable of so you can make an informed decision.

1. Controls

The controls on the models are virtually identical. You have the single round button on the front panel and a touch screen. To brew the coffee you just have to press the button. During set up and programming you will set all of the features of the machine up for every day use.

Using the touch screen you will set the temperature, cup size, brew strength and if the pot should turn on at a certain time and start brewing. This last feature is really nice for waking up to a freshly brewed pot or cup of coffee without having to do anything while you are still groggy.

Bottom Line: A tie. The settings for brewing coffee are identical.

2. Reservoirs

One of the differences in the models is the size of the water reservoir. The K425s has a 70 ounce reservoir while the K525c has an 80 ounce tank. Both are removable, and will accommodate enough water to brew several cups, or even a few carafes.

Which one works better for you depends on your individual needs. If you only brew a cup or two per day, then I would suggest the 425, as the smaller tank will be less likely to sit stagnant. You will want fresh water more often, and with a small brew, 70 ounces is more than enough.

However, if you are more like me and go through a couple of pots per day, the larger capacity of the 525 might be your best bet.

Bottom Line: The K525 wins. Larger is usually better when it comes to coffee.

3. Touch Displays

In addition to the brewing button, you will find a touch screen display on the front panel of the coffee makers. There are a few differences here.

First is the size of the display. The K425s has a 2.4 inch display where the K525c display is 2.8 inches. That near half an inch is big though, especially when you are trying to fumble around at 6 in the morning looking through one open eye.

Other than the display size, they are virtually identical. The brewing settings are the same, the maintenance alerts still show the same and your set up options have the same menus.

One thing that is different though, is the ability to select a wallpaper for the display. The 525 lets you choose a screen wallpaper where the 424 does not. While this has no effect on the taste of your coffee it is a nice feature if you are trying to add aesthetics to your kitchen.

It should be noted that the K525 also has a night light feature. It isn’t the display, but instead an LED light on the reservoir side of the machine that will illuminate if you turn it on in the display. Unless you need to walk through the kitchen on the way to the bathroom at 3 am, it really doesn’t have much of a use. However, it is a nice feature if you need it.

Bottom Line: The K525 wins. Even though the added features don’t effect the flavor or brewing of the coffee, they are nice.

4. The C and S Designations

The Keurig 425 is not the same as the 425s. In this instance the machines are exactly the same. However, the “s” at the end of the model number stands for, well, it stands for “bundle”. The K425s comes with a water filter and the reusable My K-Cup. The standard 425 does not have these options. It also comes with a bundle of 24 K-Cups so you can have coffee the day you bring it home.

The “c” designation on the 525 model stands for “cup” (it really doesn’t but at least it matches. Keurig hasn’t stated what they letters actually stand for). The 525c comes with the reusable My K-Cup where the 525 (without the c) does not.

Each of the models (with the c or s) also come with a water filter. That is the difference between the models with the letter and the models without.

Coffee Filter

Bottom Line: The K425s wins. It comes with more items that the K525c has standard, but it also comes with k-cups.

5. Brew Sizes

Both the K425 and K525 can brew eight different sizes for any of your needs. You can brew individual cups in five different sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 ounces. You will use the K-cup pods and select your brew size from the touch screen.

You can also use the reusable My K-Cup which will allow you to use any vendor brand of coffee as well as loose grounds like a standard coffee maker would use.

You will also see options for brewing pot sized amounts. Both machines are capable of brewing in 22, 26 or 30 ounces as well. You will need the Keurig Carafe for this, which is a separate purchase. Neither the 425 or the 525 comes with the carafe.

Bottom Line: A tie. Both have the same brew size capabilities.

What I Like About The Keurig K425s

  • Strength and temperature controls.
  • Auto-on/off feature for automatic brewing or energy saving shut off.
  • Multiple brewing sizes.
  • Reusable My K-Cup means you aren’t limited to Keurig only coffee pods.
  • Less expensive than the 525c.

What I Like About The Keurig K525c

  • Auto-on gives you a fresh coffee every morning.
  • Night light makes the kitchen accessible in the dark.
  • Large touch display for easy selections.
  • Programmable clock means I can stop using the one on the stove.
  • Larger water reservoir.

In Conclusion

Both of the models will brew the same coffee in the same amount of time (under a minute for the k-cups!) and you can choose the strength and temperature for your coffee. So which one is right for you?

If you don’t think you will need the night light and aren’t interested in the fancy display screen wall papers, then you may stick with the K425s. Even though it has a smaller reservoir, you will still get the same coffee from the machine and will save a little cash. If you already have the K425, it really isn’t worth the upgrade to the K525.

However, if you prefer a larger display, need a larger water tank and don’t mind spending a little more, then the K525c should be your choice. While the price may be a little higher and the actual differences don’t have any effect on the actual coffee, The K525 is the newer model and that may be enough to make it worth it.

My choice for the best of these two is the Keurig K525c.

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