Keurig K200 vs. K250: Everything You Need To Know

When you are searching for a single serve coffee maker, Keurig gives you more options than you can shake a coffee bean at. In the 2.0 line you have a choice between the K250 and the K200, among others. So which 2.0 series model is better?

In this article we will discus all the differences, similarities and features of the two machines. I will also compare them side by side and let you choose for yourself which one is the better option. Read the complete article below for all the caffeine-infused observations. Or, you can just trust me when I say the Keurig K250 is the option you want.


The Differences Of The Models

The differences in the coffee makers can make or break your decision. Let’s see what is different in these two models:

  • The K250 comes with two charcoal water filters instead of just one like the K200.
  • The Keurig 200 doesn’t come with descaling solution like the Keurig 250 does.
  • In the packaging, the 250 model has 4 K-cup trial pods; the 200 model does not.
  • The K250 is 10 months (one model year) newer than the K200.

The Similarities They Share

Everything else about the models is identical. Features such as:

  • Both models are in the Keurig 2.0 line.
  • Each one has the option to brew in 10 different sizes.
  • The K250 and the K200 both can use five different pods.
  • Neither of the models come with the carafe for larger brewing, but you can purchase it separately.
  • The K250 has a 40 ounce water reservoir, just like the K200.
  • While neither maker will let you control the temperature, they will both allow you to select a brew strength.
  • The Keurig 200 as well as the Keurig 250 will shut off after 2 hours, but neither will auto start.
  • Each model comes with a black and white, two inch touch display.
  • They will both brew a 6 ounce cup in under 1 minute.
  • Each one has a removable drip tray for cleaning or for filling larger mugs.
  • If you are in the US you have nine color options for each model. Outside the US you will have 11 colors to choose from.
  • Both of the coffee makers have settings for high altitude.

The Comparison Chart

Let’s take a look at the two machines side by side.

Keurig K200 Keurig K250
Product Line 2.0 2.0
Color Choices 11 11
Automatic Shut Off 2 hours 2 hours
Automatic Start No No
Brew Sizes 4, 6, 8, 10 12, 14, 16, 22, 26, 30 ounces 4, 6, 8, 10 12, 14, 16, 22, 26, 30 ounces
Compatible Pods 2.0 K-cup, K-mug, K-Vue, K-carafe and reusable My K-cup 2.0 K-cup, K-mug, K-Vue, K-carafe and reusable My K-cup
Reservoir Size 40 ounces 40 ounces
Display 2 inch black and white touch 2 inch black and white touch
Carafe Included No No
Brew Strength Yes Yes
Temperature Control No No
High Altitude Settings Yes Yes
Removable Drip Tray Yes Yes
Brew Time Less than 1 minute Less than 1 minute
Water Filters Included 1 2
Other Includes None K-cup trial pack, descaling solution
Price Check on Amazon Check on Amazon

Features and Options Detail

Now allow me to tell you about the features and options in greater detail.

1. Controls

As you may have noticed by now (and if not, are you really reading what I have written?), the two models are the exact same machine. The only difference in the two models is what is included in the box as extras. While this can be confusing, it allows me to tell you about the features only once.

The controls on the K250 and K200 are done through a 2 inch touch display. The display is only in black and white and only has two screens: the start up screen when you first turn it on and the control screen for brewing your cup.

You will be able to select if the brew should be regular strength or bold. You will also be able to select the size, in ounces, that it will brew. Then there are three other sections of the screen.

The bottom middle is a check box for brewing anything other than coffee. Hot cocoa or tea, for example. To the right of this is the brew button which will start the process. Finally, in the top left is the status area. This will tell you if the machine is ready, brewing, complete, or needs maintenance.

There are other menus as well, such as those for the settings, or for brewing with different cup sizes. Each type of compatible cup will have it’s own menu to select the ounces available for that cup and the strength.

There is also a large push button just below the screen that will begin the brewing process for a 6 ounce cup of coffee with default settings.

Bottom Line: This is a tie. Both machines have the same control panel and brewing button.

Keurig K250

2. Brewing Time

Keurig has been the dominant force in single serve coffee makers for over 30 years now. Besides making long lasting and highly popular machines, they have another claim to fame: Fast brewing times.

Both the K250 and the K200 will brew a 6 ounce standard strength cup of coffee in less than a minute. If you choose a larger size or a stronger brew, obviously this will take slightly longer. However, with some testing I can tell you that standard strength cups will brew in under a minute in the 4, 6, 8 and 10 ounce sizes.

The 12 ounce size is slightly over a minute and the tests stopped there. While the standard coffee mug may be larger than 6 ounces, the ability to have a fresh cup of hot coffee in a minute, or slightly over a minute, is still an incredible feat.

Bottom Line: Another tie. Both machines offer the less than a minute brew time.

3. Package Includes

When you get the box home, what’s inside? You get the coffee maker, obviously. You will also receive the user guide and booklet as well as the drip tray, the water reservoir and a water filter handle and water filter.

If you have the Keurig 250, you will get everything listed above with the addition of a second water filter and a package of the Keurig descaling solution. You will also get a trial pack of four different coffee flavors in the standard K-cup size (for brews 4 to 10 ounces.).

Bottom Line: The K250 wins. It’s all about the extras with these two models.

4. Reservoir and Drip Trays

Both models come with a removable drip tray. The drip tray is a two piece tray that allows you to set a mug or cup on it to fill with the machine. If you use a travel mug you can remove the drip tray and brew into a cup that is up to 7.5 inches tall.

Removal of the drip tray is also essential for cleaning. Over time the drip tray will collect water, coffee drip and gunk and will need to be cleaned. Removing the tray is the fastest and easiest way to do so.

The reservoirs are also removable. This helps in filling the water tanks and in cleaning as well. Each model uses a 40 ounce reservoir which means you can brew four 10 ounce cups per reservoir fill.

Bottom Line: Another tie. Both the K200 0and the K250 have the same drip tray and reservoir.

Keurig K200 Water ReservoirKeurig K200 Drip Tray

5. Pods and Sizes

The Keurig 200 and Keurig 250 are compatible with various pod sizes and can brew in a multitude of ounce measurements.

  • The K-cup pods will allow you to brew in the ranges of 4 to 10 ounces.
  • You can also brew the K-mug pods in the 12 to 16 ounce range.
  • The K-carafe will brew in 22, 26 or 30 ounce variants.
  • You can also use the K-vue pods for the 4 to 10 ounce brewing range.

You should note that if you plan to brew a carafe size amount, you will need to purchase the K-Carafe which is sold separately from the coffee makers.

Bottom Line: Yet another tie. As you can guess, both identical machines use the identical pods.

What I Like About The Keurig K200

  • Sleek, compact design fits on virtually any counter.
  • Removable drip tray for taller mugs.
  • Touch screen display for easy menu selection.
  • Large, 40 ounce water reservoir.
  • 2-hour automatic shut off.
  • Brew times in less than one minute.
  • Various color options.
  • Large selection of pods, flavors and brew sizes to choose from.

What I Like About The Keurig K250

  • Everything from the K200 list, PLUS:
  • The extra water filter saves a future purchase.
  • Trial K-pods to have coffee the day I bring it home to see what I like.
  • Descaling pack so I am ready to clean when needed.

In Conclusion

If the 2.0 line up is on your radar as you are searching for the perfect Keurig for your kitchen, the K200 and K250 should be at the top of the list.

They aren’t as full featured as some of the other models, but give you plenty of options and choices for settings, flavors and uses. The 40 ounce reservoir is the perfect size to eliminate counter space while still maintaining multiple cup capabilities.

The only difference is the two models are the three extras included with the K250. If you already have the K200 there is absolutely no reason to upgrade to the K250, at all. However, if you don’t have a Keurig yet, then you may as well get the extras and go with the newer year model of the K250.

It is only because of the extras that I pick the K250 over the K200.

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