A side-by-side comparison of Dyson HP04 versus Dyson AM09.

Dyson HP04 vs AM09 – Differences between the Two Models Explained

When it comes to electric fans, Dyson makes some of the best in the market. The classic bladeless design is one of the reasons they appeal to consumers. The Pure Hot + Cool HP04 and Hot + Cool Jet Focus AM09 are two of Dyson’s popular products.

The HP04 is the latest model from the Pure Hot + Cool series while the Dyson AM09 is the Hot + Cool’s crown jewel. They are both great on their own and their main differences lie on their functions and features.

They are both fans but the HP04 is a purifier equipped with WiFi while the AM09 is a heater without WiFi.

If you are planning on buying either of these two powerful Dyson fans then you are in the right place. In this article, we will be looking at their differences, similarities, and specifications to help you decide which fan is best for you.


Differences between the Dyson HP04 and the AM09

  • The HP04 features two separate quality filters: HEPA + Carbon filter and Activated Carbon while the AM09 does not have a filtration system.
  • The HP04 is WiFi-enabled and is compatible with your smartphone via Dyson Link App and to Alexa while the AM09 is not equipped with WiFi.
  • The HP04’s LED display shows what kind of air pollutants are floating in the room while the AM09’s LED display only shows what temperature the device is operating.
  • The HP04 is certified asthma and allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.
  • The AM09 is more affordable than HP04.
  • The AM09 is lighter and relatively smaller than the HP04.
  • The AM09 has a Child Safe feature while the HP04 does not support this feature.
  • The AM09 does not have a night mode.
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Similarities between the Dyson HP04 and the AM09

  • The HP04 and the AM09 both have heaters.
  • Both of them work as cooling fans.
  • The HP04 and the AM09 share the same oblong-shaped, tower type design.
  • The HP04 and the AM09 both run on the same Air Multiplier technology.
  • The blades and the heating elements of the HP04 and the AM09 are hidden which make them safer than traditional fans.
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Comparison Table

The table below provides the specifications for the HP04 and the AM09:

  HP04 AM09
Style Tower and bladeless Tower and bladeless
Cooling Yes Yes
Heating Yes  Yes
Purifying Yes No
Auto mode Yes No
Jet Focus Control mode Yes Yes
Diffused mode Yes Yes
Night mode Yes No
Backward mode Yes No
Oscillation 350 degrees –         
Accessories Remote Control Remote Control 
Filter HEPA +Carbon and Activated Carbon
Display LED LED
WiFi connectivity, Dyson Link App, and Alexa compatibility Yes No
Air Speed 10 10
Weight 19.07 lbs 5.91 lbs
Noise level 64db
Price Check on Amazon Check on Amazon

Comparing the Dyson HP04 vs AM09 in Detail

The Pure Hot + Cool’s HP04 was an upgrade of the HP02 which in turn is the enhanced version of the original HP01. The HP04 is a fan with a sealed HEPA + Carbon and Active Carbon air filtration system and a heater.

The air filtration system allows the HP04 to filter the air. Its HEPA + Carbon filter captures 99.97% of microscopic particles as small as 0.3 which usually evades most regular filters while the Active Carbon takes in bad odors, gases, toxins, and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

While the advanced filtration system of the HP04 is remarkable as it is, the unit is also fitted with a heater and a fan making HP04 a 3-in-1 machine. The HP04 is also certified asthma and allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

On the other hand, the Hot + Cool Jet Focus’ AM09 is a much smaller machine and does not support the air purification feature of the HP04. Although, it is equipped with a heater and fan for dual functionality.

Dyson prides itself on their very own Air Multiplier technology, which makes it possible for them to hide the big spinning blades of a traditional fan. The design of the AM09 and the HP04 are almost identical but, of course, the HP04 is way bigger because of the filters. They both have an oblong-shaped tower design with their blades and heating elements hidden. The HP04 and the AM09 have a classic Dyson look that is constant to all Dyson fans – modern and aesthetically pleasing.

When it comes to wireless connectivity, both the HP04 and the AM09 have remote controls making it easy for you to command them but the HP04 is WiFi enabled which enables the device to connect to your smartphone via the Dyson Link App and to your home through Alexa.

The Dyson Link App is an app that you can download on your smartphone and it allows you to command your device through your phone even if you are not home. While connecting the HP04 to Alexa lets you control the device using your own voice.

The HP04 and the AM09 also have LED displays that show the temperature of the fans but the HP04’s display is more advanced and does not only indicate the temperature but also what kind of allergens or air particles are floating in your room. Cool right? That is why HP04 is best for people who have allergies or asthma.

The AM09 has Jet Focus Mode if you want a more direct air flow, Diffused Mode for wider air distribution, and Automatic Mode. Meanwhile, the HP04 also has the same modes but it gets two extra modes called the Backward Airflow Mode which allows you to enjoy purified air even without the heating or cooling function; and Night Mode which dims the display and for a more quiet air stream – perfect for when you are sleeping. The HP04 also has a 350-degrees of oscillation and can distribute purified, hot, or cool air around the full radius of the room.

When it comes to safety, the HP04 and the AM09 are great for homes with kids and pets because the spinning blades and the heating elements are not visible, however, the HP04 does not have Child Safe. The AM09 has a Child Safe feature which allows the device to automatically shut down when knocked over – a nice feature to have if you have active kids and pets running around the house.

The price of the HP04 and the AM04 are very different. Because of its filtration system, WiFi connectivity, and bigger body, the HP04 is more expensive than the AM09 while the latter is more affordable but you won’t get air purification and WiFi features of the HP04.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are the AM09 and HP04 WiFi enabled?

 A. The AM09 does not have the WiFi feature but the HP04 has WiFi connectivity and can be linked to the Dyson Link App as well as smart home technology Alexa.

Q. Can the AM09 and the HP04 effectively heat a small room?

A. Yes, both the AM09 and the HP04 can heat an entire room. Also, Dyson said their fans are for large room use.

 Q. How often do we have to change the filter for the HP04?

A. Dyson suggests that filters need to be changed once a year based on its running 12hrs/ day. Authentic Dyson filters are recommended.

Q. Does the unit automatically return to power if the electricity suddenly goes out?

 A. No, both the HP04 and the AM09 do not automatically turn the power on, however, the AM09 automatically shut down when they’re accidentally knocked over.

 Q. How much energy do they consume?

 A. The AM09 is rated at 1500 watts while the HP04 can get as high as 1575 watts.

Q. What are the differences between HP04 and AM09?

 A. The HP04 has an air purification benefit and as well as WiFi connectivity, while the AM09 does not have any of those features.

 Q. How warm can the heaters of the HP04 and AM09 get?

 A. Dyson engineered it to never rise above the maximum of 200°C and the unit intelligently adjusts its output based on the temperature of the room.

 Q. How tall are they?

 A. The AM09 stands at 60cm while the HP04 is taller at 30 inches.

 Q. Do they come with a remote control?

 A. Yes, both the HP04 and the AM09 both have remote controls.

 Q. Does the Dyson Link App also serve as the remote control?

 A. Yes, Dyson Link App can do everything the remote can and more but it does not allow you to change the heat temperature and you will need to use the remote to adjust it.

What to like about the HP04? 

  • The HP04 has three functions: to purify the air, to give you warm on cold days, and to blow cold air on you when you are hot.
  • The HP04 has a sealed HEPA + Carbon filter that captures 99.97% of particles and Activated Carbon which eliminates gases and other household odors.
  • The HP04 is WiFi-enabled allowing you to control the device through Dyson Link App and Alexa.
  • The HP04 is ideal for people with asthma and allergies.
  • The HP04 has Backward Airflow Mode and Night Mode.
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 What to like about the AM09?

  • The AM09 serves as a heater and a fan in one device.
  • The AM09 has a Child Safe feature making it safer for kids and pets.
  • The AM09 is remote control operated which makes it easy for you to control the device without having to reach it physically.
  • The AM09 is affordable.
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The Pure Hot + Cool’s HP04 and Hot + Cool’s Jet Focus’ AM09 are both impressive units but they have different purposes. The Dyson HP04’s main role is to purify the air. It has a sealed HEPA + Carbon filter that captures allergens, pollens, dust, molds, and other air pollutants which could be harmful to asthmatics and people with allergies. It also has an Active Carbon filter that eliminates household odors, fumes, gases, toxins, and other VCOs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

On the other hand, the AM09 is a heater and a fan. It is a great fan to have in the house especially if you have kids and pets because of its Child Safe feature that allows the device to automatically shut down when tipped over.

For a fan, the HP04 and the Dyson AM09 are expensive so if you are planning to get one make sure to consider these things:

  1. Your budget. If you are someone who wants to save money, get the AM09. Although it does not have the air purification benefit and the WiFi connectivity, it is more affordable compared to the HP04.
  2. Your purpose. Ask yourself what features do you need. Do you need air purification or do you need a heater? These kinds of questions will help you pick which model suits you best.
  3. WiFi connectivity. If you have Alexa in your home, pick the HP04. It is WiFi-enabled, letting you voice command the device via Alexa. It also allows you to connect the device to your smartphone through the Dyson Link App.
  4. Health benefits. If you are asthmatic or have allergies, the HP04 is the ideal device for you because it can filter air particles as small as 0.3 microns.
  5. Child Safe. If you have children or pets running around the house the Child Safe feature of the AM09 is nice to have because the device automatically turns off when it is knocked over.


The HP04 and the AM09 are expensive. Although they are multipurpose machines, it doesn’t change the fact that they are pricey. So if I were to pick which model I should get, I would pick the HP04. You will be paying a bit more but you will also get a lot of additional features like the WiFi connectivity and the air filtration system.

The Child Safe feature on the AM09 is great to have but I think it is somewhat redundant because the fans do not have exposed fast-spinning blades and the heating elements are hidden as well. If you need a great heater fan, the AM09 is okay but there are more affordable heater fans available in the market that have the same functions and benefits as the AM09.

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