Keurig K425s vs. K475: Brewer Battle

If you are searching for the right Keurig machine for you, you might have grown confused, overwhelmed or even disheartened. With over 30 different models to choose from, how do you know which one is the best?

Well, that is why I am here. Today I will show you the differences and similarities of the Keurig K425s and the K475 in an attempt to shed some light on what is going on over at Keurig. By the end of this article, you will know which is the better machine and which one I pick as the best option. If you want to know ahead of time: I choose them both. Read below to see why.


The Differences

It is going to be a very short list. The differences in the model numbers come down to these few things:

  • The Keurig 425s comes with 24 K-cup pods where the 475 comes with 6.
  • Keurig put the reusable My K-Cup filter in the K425s box and left it out of the K475.
  • The Keurig 475 comes with a water filter kit that the 425s doesn’t have.

The Similarities

So what do the two machines have in common? Everything else, including:

  • Both models have the same 70-ounce water reservoir.
  • Each of the machines has a removable drip tray.
  • There is a 2.4-inch full-color touch display screen on the 425s and the 475.
  • Keurig added temperature and brewing strength controls to both models.
  • Each has the ability to use either the K-cup, K-mug or K-carafe pods.
  • The K475 and the K425s can brew 11 different sizes.
  • Both of the coffee makers have a programmable clock.
  • Auto on and Auto-off settings are the same for the Keurig 425s and 475.
  • Each version has the same three color options.
  • The Keurig 475 and Keurig 425s can brew a cup in less than a minute.

The Comparison Chart

Let’s have a look at the two machines side by side for a better comparison.

Keurig 425s Keurig 475
Series 2.0 2.0
Water Reservoir Size 70 ounces 70 ounces
Strength Control Yes Yes
Temperature Control Yes Yes
Display 2.4” color touch 2.4” color touch
Brew Sizes 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 22, 26, 30 ounces 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 22, 26, 30 ounces
Compatible Pods K-cup, K-mug, K-carafe K-cup, K-mug, K-carafe
Programmable Clock Yes Yes
Auto ON Auto OFF Yes Yes
Removable Drip Tray Yes Yes
Brew Time Less than 1 minute Less than 1 minute
Color Options Black, Red, Pearl Black, Red, Pearl
Includes 24 K-cup pods, My K-cup filter 6 K-cup pods, Water filter kit
Price Check on Amazon Check on Amazon

Features and Options

I will give you a detailed look at the prominent features and options so you will have a better understanding of how these machines brew your coffee.

1. The Removable Parts

There are two removable parts of the Keurig K425s and K475: The water reservoir and the drip tray. These pieces play a crucial role in the brewing of your morning coffee.

The drip tray is a two-piece tray with a collection reservoir and a grate on top. Under normal brewing conditions, you will set your cup or mug on the grate to be filled by the maker. When it is removed, though, you can use the Keurig Carafe or place a travel mug underneath. It will allow for travel mugs up to 7.5 inches to be placed under and filled.

You should replace the drip tray when you have finished with the carafe or travel mug. Water, coffee remnants and drips will continue to splash down after you remove your mug. The drip tray will collect these drips and being removable as well as two-piece will allow for easy cleaning.

The Water reservoir is one of the largest offered by Keurig. The fact that is it removable is extremely helpful. Because it is such a large capacity (second only to the 80-ounce reservoir of later models) the ability to remove it makes it easier to refill. Hand cleaning, descaling as well as adding and removing the water filters becomes less of a chore because the reservoir can be detached.

Replacement Water Reservoir

Bottom Line: This is a tie. The removable parts are the same on both models.

2. Settings and Controls

On the 2.4-inch color touch display, you will find brewing options, settings and other menus. You have plenty of options with the K425s and K475. Once the water is in the reservoir, the pod in the pod cup and your mug underneath, you can use the menu to begin brewing. Using the settings and selections make the coffee specific to your needs and tastes.

You can adjust the temperature of the coffee which allows you to brew a slightly cooler cup if you are in a hurry and can’t wait for it to cool naturally. You can also select the brew strength. The optimal brew, according to Keurig, is a K-pod with the default settings for temperature and strength, set to a 6-ounce size.

Some like their coffee stronger or weaker though, and different sizes may need to be altered to taste. You can also remove the pod, leaving the pod cup open and brew just hot water using the menu buttons.

Each available pod size (cup, mug, carafe) will have its own menu. You will be able to scroll through the various brew sizes for that particular pod. There are also options for cleaning, descaling and maintenance alerts that will be accessed through the settings menu.

Lastly, there is a digital clock that you can set, see and use. This will not only allow you to have a clock in the kitchen (you can stop looking at your stove now) but will come in handy with the automatic timer features I am about to explain.

Bottom Line: Another tie. The display screens and menus are also identical.

3. Auto ON and Auto OFF

Two other settings I didn’t mention above are automatic on and automatic off. I will start with the auto OFF.

Auto OFF is enabled by default and I highly suggest you leave it that way. When it is enabled the energy savings of the machine kick on. As long as the 425s and 475 are on, the heater will keep the water in the reservoir brew temperature ready. If you leave the house for the day and don’t turn the machine off.. you will waste electricity and wear down the heater lifespan.

Auto OFF will turn the coffee maker off after two hours of inactivity.

The auto ON feature will use the clock (I told you I would get to this) and a predetermined time set by you. Once this is enabled you need to ensure the reservoir has water, there is a pod in the pod cup and a mug under the spout.

When the clock reads the time set in the program, the Keurig will turn on, heat the water and brew a cup of coffee. With this enabled, you can wake up, roll out of bed and have a nice hot cup of joe waiting for you.

Bottom Line: Yet another tie. It’s almost like they are the same machine or something.

4. Brew Sizes

Both the K425s and the K475 have 11 brew sizes and are compatible with three pods. You will have your choice of brewing a single cup size with the K-Cup pods. You can use the K-Cup menu to select between 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 ounces.

If you use a K-mug pod, the corresponding menu will allow you to choose between 14, 16 or 18 ounces. Finally, the K-carafe pods will brew in three sizes as well: 22, 26 and 30 ounces.

It should be noted that if K-carafe and a related brew size are selected, you must have one of the two styles of carafes in place and locked in. If the coffee maker doesn’t sense the carafe in place, it will not brew. The carafes are sold separately.

Thermal Carafe

Bottom Line: You guessed it, another tie. Something is definitely going on here.

5. Included Extras

Now things get interesting. The two models have different extras included in the packaging. Let’s see what we get!

In the Keurig K425s, you will receive four boxes. In one box you will find a reusable My K-cup filter pod. It is a little coffee filter that looks like a pod, but it has a mesh filter screen and a plastic body frame.

With this, you can brew a cup from your own coffee grounds (or as I found out if you accidentally break a K-cup pod and don’t want to toss it out). You can then rinse and reuse as much as you like.

The other three boxes will contain K-cup pods in various flavors. You get 24 K-cups in all, enough for a few weeks worth of coffee and you get to sample flavors you may not normally purchase.

In the Keurig K475 you will get two boxes. In the first, you will also get K-cup pod in various flavors. However, you will only get 6 of them. It is still a nice little variety and you can test a flavor without spending money on a box to find out you don’t like it.

The other box contains the Keurig water filter kit. It is the water filter handle used to remove and replace the filters, and two of those charcoal filters. These will keep your water clean and pure and your coffee tasting great.

Don’t worry about the word charcoal in there. Charcoal is a natural filter and will not make your coffee taste like a July 4th barbecue.

Bottom Line: Finally! It is still a tie. How can you choose one over the other?

What I Like About the Keurig K425s

  • Super fast brewing time of under a minute!
  • Large, full-color touch display.
  • Automatic shut off and start.
  • Included My K-cup reusable pod.

What I Like About the Keurig K475

  • Strength and Temperature controls.
  • Programmable clock.
  • 11 total brew sizes.
  • Large and user-friendly color touch display.


If you aren’t aware by now, through my extensive hinting and finger pointing in the above article: the Keurig K425s and K475 are the same coffee makers.

What?! I hear you, fellow readers, I was just as shocked as you are. It is true though. Every single aspect of the actual machines is identical. So how can you choose which one is better? You really can’t. At least I can’t.

Some will try to tell you that there are differences in the mechanics inside the machines. This just isn’t true though. Each machine has the same series, base model and assembly line numbers on the inside. There are no changes here.

While it is true that Keurig does sometimes make small upgrades with a new model number, the fact remains, they didn’t here. Every once in a while (okay, it’s actually pretty common) the model numbers refer to the bonus extras included or a specific store it was packaged for (remember the 525”c”ostco?)

What we have here is similar pricing on identical models with the only difference being what else is in the box. So which one is better? Some will argue that the water filter kit is better because it is a purchase you will have to make as well eventually.

I counter with, sure, but $40 worth of coffee is something you will have to purchase also. And as an added bonus you get to use up the rest of your current coffee grounds using the My K-cup filter. Which may only be an optional purchase otherwise.

I can’t decide for you. You have to place the greater value on the bonus items for yourself. That is why I declare this battle a complete draw.

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