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Dyson BP01 Review – A Great Fan All Around

Dyson has been producing premium home appliances for a very long time now. People trust and continuously support the brand even if their products are quite expensive. Their fans and air purifiers are among the best in the market and one of them is the Dyson BP01 of the Dyson Pure Cool Me Series.

The BP01 is a compact air purifier that can be placed on a desk and on table tops. It is best for personal use since it is a desk fan compared to other Dyson tower fans that are designed for large spaces.


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The BP01 is a personal air purifying fan by Dyson. The first that you would notice with this machine is its design. It looks very different from other air purifiers and it’s a 2-in-1 device. It is a compact air purifier and fan which you can place on top of your desk which is ideal if you have a small space. It has a sleek, innovative design that’s unique to all Dyson fans. The blades of the air purifier fan are hidden which makes it safer and easier to maintain compared to other air purifiers and fans in the market. The BP01 has a dome-like amplifier that rotates from side to side so you can direct the airflow to where you need it. It has an oscillation of 70 degrees and it also comes in two colors: Black/Nickel and White/Silver.

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The main purpose of an air purifier is to filter harmful toxins, gases odors, and other household air pollutants in your home. The BP01 is very capable of improving the air quality in your environment as it is equipped with Glass HEPA filter and Active Carbon just like any high-end Dyson air purifiers. With that being said, the BP01 can filter 99.97% of ultrafine particles, as tiny as 0.3 microns, including pollen, bacteria, dust, pet dander, and other air pollutants in the air. It can also capture bad odors, gases, toxins, smoke, and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compound) without problems because of the Active Carbon filter. The BP01 also uses state-of-the-art technology from Dyson, the Dyson Core Flow technology which allows the device to project airstream precisely. The filter of the BP01 has to be replaced depending on how much the device runs.

No WiFi Connectivity, Remote Control Included

The BP01 does not support WiFi and it can only be controlled through a remote control included in the box. The remote control of the BP01 looks very modern and clean just like the machine itself. It is curved and it can be stored magnetically on the front of the unit. It has six buttons: the power button, airflow settings, oscillation control, Sleep Timer, and information about the filter’s life. Take note that you have to take care of the remote control since there are no buttons on the fan itself and it is the only tool that you can use to adjust the settings of the fan.

Sleep Timer and Night Mode

The Sleep Timer mode of the BP01 is a nice feature too because you can set the device to a specific time–from 15 minutes up to 9 hours. Aside from the Sleep Timer mode, the BP01 also has a Night Mode which automatically dims the display and uses the quietest setting. Another feature of the BP01 is its quiet operation. Dyson fans are known to be quiet and the BP01 is not an exemption. The BP01 received the Quiet Mark accreditation which proves that the device is extremely quiet–perfect for when you are sleeping, working, reading, watching, and studying.


Unlike some of the more advanced Dyson air purifiers, the BPP01 can’t provide information regarding the air quality. At the bottom of the device, you will notice a small circular LCD screen that shows the airflow speed, mode, filter life, and oscillation of the BP01.

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What to like about the BP01

  • Uses Dyson Core Flow technology.
  • Received the Quiet Mark accreditation.
  • Asthma and allergy friendly.
  • Has a great air filtration system: 360 Glass HEPA filter and Active Carbon filter.
  • Does not have visible fast-spinning blades that can cause injuries.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
See Dyson BP01 on Amazon


The BP01 is expensive but it is a great air purifier fan, especially for personal use. And in terms of performance, this compact machine is a powerful one and has a dual function. It is an impressive air purifier that also serves as a fan. It is also safer and easier to clean and it has a small body so you can place it on your desk or in your side table. And because of Dyson’s Core Flow technology, the airstream is stronger and better than traditional fans. The air filtration system of the Dyson BP01 is also great as it is fitted with HEPA filter and Active Carbon, making the device ideal for people suffering from asthma, allergies, light smokers and pet owners because it improves air quality. It is also great for when you have kids at home since it does not have exposed, fast-spinning blades. 

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